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Managing Equity Portfolios

Separately Managed Equity Portfolios You Can Understand
Investors need to thoroughly understand the basis upon which their portfolios are managed. And they need to understand the opportunities and risks associated with long term investment in equities if they are to withstand the short-term market forces acting upon the prices of their securities.

Intrinsic Value Asset Management is committed to providing its clients with clear explanations of how companies generate economic returns and what that implies for strategy, style and expected returns.

Small and Medium Sized Institutions

The income and total return requirements of small pension funds, endowments and foundations combined with disciplined risk management and control are the key elements of building conservative institutional equity portfolios.

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Estimating Intrinsic Values of Companies

Cash flow is the lifeblood of corporate wealth creation.

The Value Drivers like sales growth, gross margin, working capital needs require accurate forecasts to generate intrinsic values.

The quality of stewardship of a company's management in allocating capital is a critical component in the ability of any analyst to have confidence in his/her forecasts of Value Drivers.

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